Horse jewelry our specialty. The spirit of the horse

We make horse rings, horse charms, horse pendants, classy horse jewelry using the form and spirit of the horse as a guide.

It takes a horse person to build horse jewelry for horse lovers. You need to capture the spirit of the horse, retain it's strength and endurance, feel it's grace then apply those to the horses built as gold horse jewelry or silver horse jewelry. Mainly I use pictures of horses for ideas and inspiration for the spirit of the horse, and many are famous horses.
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Fine horse jewelry is made from karat gold and sterling silver. I use them and combine them to enhance the features which makes an elegant, classic horse. Most of my fine horse jewelry is corralled here and these are the fancy horses in the stable. There are many other pieces which show the spirit of the horse.
We make horse jewelry rings, saddle rings, snaffle rings and wedding rings of horses in our horse rings, earrings for equestrians of horses or tack. The spirit of the horse is plainly found in pendants and charms and wrapping the wrist
are bracelets of horses or snaffles, or cuff bracelets too. Custom horse jewelry is available.
I hope you like my line of fine horse jewelry showing the spirit of the horse.  1-800-567-5113, PO Box 203, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada V2X 7G1

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