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#101 a classic 
horse stands out
101.jpg (10604 bytes)
#134 flowing mane on a great face
134r.jpg (15797 bytes)
#103 3 mustangs

103.jpg (11532 bytes)
#104 style & confirmation. A  looker
104.jpg (10217 bytes)
#109 Laying across
the finger

109.jpg (7188 bytes)
#125 Snag free
lays flat, wears well
125.jpg (6256 bytes)
#131 Deep carved horse with bridle
131.jpg (8648 bytes)
#136  jumper splits the rails136.jpg (9438 bytes) #137 a jumper on a clear round
137ttpt.jpg (7994 bytes)
#122 classic carved horse head
122.jpg (7079 bytes)
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                                   Equine d'oro  by Ken at  BC Goldcrafters
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